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Emily Butcher

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I love, love, love to paint. It is a release. It is gratifying. Satisfying. Emotional. Intoxicating. Frustrating and easy in the same instant. It is a vacation from bills, from problems, from dishes. It is where I disappear to when I need rest my mind in a safe spot. A comfortable place. Home. It is a great friend who doesn't mind that I occasionally drool when really lost in it. It is a wonderful, liberating knowledge that I have this friend waiting quietly for me to return when the world gets a little too loud. Take some time to look through my work, and get in touch with me. I do commissions, and I'd love to work with you!

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“What could be more interesting, or in the end, more ecstatic, than in those rare moments when you see another person look at something you’ve made, and realize that they got it exactly, that your heart jumped to their heart with nothing in between.” 

Robert Motherwell 

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